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Sometimes, it takes a toll on people when they try to do all things by themselves. This includes our responsibilities at home and at work, our filial duties and personal affairs. Due to this, we often overlook things that need our attention just like caring for our elderly loved ones. When this happens, we often feel guilty and worried that we were not able to provide enough for them.

Day Care in Arlington is a shoulder you can lean on in tough times like this. You can rely on us to provide the care and attention that your senior family member needs while you accomplish all the things that you need to work on.


Day Care in Arlington TX is an on-call service, available to help you with your woes in caregiving. There are two ways we can help you: we can come to your home and provide our caregiving services in the comforts and privacy of your own home or you can bring your elderly family member to our facility where they will be staying to do some activities while waiting for you to pick them up at the end of the day. If you need a helping hand to provide care for your elderly family member, we are ready to do it for you.

For our home service, our caregiver will go to your home and stay until you return. While you are out, apart from the usual care we provide such as medication management and assisted living, we also make sure that your loved one is entertained and not feeling lonely while you are away. We ensure that the patient would still feel as if the caregiver is also a member of the family who is looking after them. There are some activities that our caregivers prepare to entertain the patient such as playing card or board games, watching movies or even a walk outside. As the day passes and you return home, it would be such a rewarding and productive day for both you and your elderly loved one.

For our facility service, there activities that are meant not only for day care elderlies but also our residents. This way, both can socialize and interact with each other. We encourage everyone to do their best in participating in the activities prepared. Our Day Care in Arlington facility is equipped with various amenities that would make their stay comfortable, safe and entertaining. Although there are facilitators and caregivers present, we allow everyone to freely move about in the facility. Our facility is guaranteed to be a safe place for everyone. As you go about accomplishing your tasks, you will pick-up a happy elder person at the end of the day!

You are free to choose whichever service is the best for you and your loved one. If you cannot decide on it, our staff can also help you through counselling and consultation with your aged family member’s physician.


You can talk to us about the things you want us to do and we will do the best we can to deliver. After all, our professional caregiving exists to make sure that every elderly person is given the proper care and attention that they deserve. Day Care in Arlington would be very glad to be of help to you and your family. For more details about our services and other queries you might have about our caregivers, do not hesitate to call us.