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Defining companionship care

It is a form of in-home caregiving services not medical in nature to seniors or persons with physical impairment. Companion care is different from personal care as mentioned in terms of services catered to the client. Companionship care gravitates toward emotional support and socialization.

Companionship Care Arlington

Friendship is greatly valued by everyone despite the age, and this is very true for older adults. As time passes by, it can be much difficult for older adults to connect with others due to certain happenstance. For example, it might be difficult to see other family or friends due to the changes in the physical and mental state of a person. In other situations, they become more isolated as their friends, or neighbors move out, bringing about changes in their lives. We at Companionship Care Arlington always treat the elderly as friends rather than clients.

Other than fostering friendships, we provide a plethora of services made to help older adults live comfortably and safely by:

  1. Helping with the activities of daily living. Companion care Arlington can physically support seniors, helping them to sit and stand, walk around, or assist in lying down.
  2. Overall hygiene. Because of overall changes particularly in the physical aspect, it can be arduous for older people to care for themselves without any assistance. A good companion can give assistance when it is deemed necessary without judgment.
  3. Commutes. Companionship Care Arlington would gladly step in to give rides so the doctor's appointment can never be missed. Anything that has something to do with going to point a to b. For the older adults who can no longer get behind the wheel, having dependable transportation can bring about changes, enabling them to keep in touch with friends, and with the outside world.
  4. Homemaking and companion. Helping out with the housework, and at the same time cooking meals. It can be quite rewarding as you aimlessly swap out recipes, or straight up having random conversations
  5. Medication and physical activity reminders. A companion can monitor if the client with the medication compliance, or basically remind them about the time to take the medicine. For physical activities, the companion can encourage or support the activity for seniors to keep them motivated, active, safe, and healthy.

Basically, Companionship Care Arlington assists seniors to stay active in every aspect, while ensuring that the necessary needs are met. Other than that, companion care also offers respite care to the primary caregiver. Let's face it, it's actually superhuman to balance caregiving and family matters. At times both are compromised, leading the caregiver to experience burnout. This is a chance for the primary caregiver to focus on their well-being and health.


Do you have a loved one who needs a great need of a companion? Or perhaps an extra help around the house? Our seasoned professionals would like to get involved.

Our companions are here to make certain that your senior loved ones are receiving the social interaction and support they need within the comforts of their homes. We also cater to the part-time or short-time basis of companionship. In addition, we provide transportation by means of our company car.

We offer free consultation and assessment on your loved one’s current situation. We can easily come up with a plan of care, and it can be up and running in no time.

We know that everyone is one of a kind, that is why we devised a care plan that can cater to the specific needs of every client. Changes in the client’s situation can affect the plan of care.


If you more questions about companion care, just contact Companionship Care Arlington to help you get started.