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 While caring for your loved one can be rewarding, assisting aging family members or friends daily could be a physically and mentally demanding job. It's necessary as a caregiver to take breaks if needed to rest and recharge. Assisted living in El Paso employs compassionate and highly-qualified caregivers to provide flexible respite care relief when those much-needed breaks happen.

At Austin Elder Care we believe in answering all your questions to offer the right day care services in Austin and surrounding areas. 

What are assisted living communities?

What solutions do they offer?

How much does assisted living price?

When should we think about moving our loved ones?

If these are questions! Here are the replies.

What's assisted living?

Assisted living communities are an excellent solution for seniors who may require more day-to-day assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) but wish to remain as independent for as long as you can. Your loved ones will receive support with basic care and everyday living in a flat or homelike setting.  They'll also get housekeeping, meal service, transport, and flat maintenance.Assisted living in Austin communities to provide all of the advantages of an apartment-style house with the care necessary to keep your senior without and secure and healthy the responsibility of chores or maintenance.

What solutions do they offer?

Assisted living offers the following services

  • Assist with dressing, bathing, and grooming

  • Escort and transfer support

  • Medication management or medication sticks

  • Food Service - Meals and Snacks

  • Housekeeping and help with laundry

  • Transport, i.e., to the mall, physician's office, or unique treatments

  • Community and social actions

  • 24-hour support services

  • Emergency telephone system

  • Support available for practically any activity of daily living

  • Beauty shop services

What is the cost of assisted living?

Assisted living generally costs greater than individual senior living (because of the further care services) but may be less than the cost of in-home care, and almost always significantly less than the cost of memory nursing and care homes. The price of maintenance will fluctuate depending on several factors, such as your location and the care services provided. The cost of living may range from a low price of $2500 a month.
Our assistance at assisted living in Austin can assist you to comprehend the expense of associated and care services provided to ascertain the best alternatives for your loved one or you.

The national Medicare program doesn't provide for assisted living facilities' expenses. In some states, Medicaid may pay for living according to the financial resources of their seniors and a blend of health care needs. Your day care in Austin Care Advisor can give advice and tools for funding housing.

Is assisted living the perfect pick for your mom or father or other seniors who are important in my life?

Be sure to take our Senior Needs Assessment Quiz to get a general recommendation for a senior home for your family.

Consider places they might require support. How is their freedom? Are they at risk for falls? Are you currently eating? Are they taking the medication? How is their personal hygiene? Are you worried about your own driving? Are you currently able to keep their family?

Talk to your Assisted Living Locators Care Advisor about your own loved one's schedule excursions and needs of alternatives in your region, and let's help you make the best option for your loved ones.

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