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Assisted Living in Arlington

Assisted Living in Arlington has compassionate and highly-qualified caregivers who provide genuine care and attention to the elderly. We thrive in helping the elderly with their daily activities and living life more comfortably and with ease. We aim to provide our patients with the proper attention necessary especially when they need medical help. Our dedicated staff and caregivers are always around to make them feel safe and sound as well as well-assisted as they go through their life.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are an excellent solution for seniors who may require more day-to-day assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) but wish to remain as independent for as long as they can. Your loved ones will receive support with basic care and everyday living in a flat or a homelike setting. They will also get housekeeping, meal service, transport, and flat maintenance. Assisted Living in Arlington TX also has communities that provide all of the advantages of staying in an elderly care facility to keep your senior family member secure and healthy, without compromising daily life activities such as the responsibility of chores and housekeeping.

Assisted Living in Arlington offers the following services:

  • Assistance with dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Medication management
  • Food service
  • Housekeeping and help with laundry
  • Transportation (to the mall, physician's office, etc.)
  • Community and social interactions
  • 24-hour support services
  • Emergency telephone system
  • Support available for practically any activity of daily living

The Advantages of Assisted Living

Many people do not think that the elderly can live independently. In Assisted Living in Arlington, we believe that our elderly residents can do whatever they set upon doing. Through our assisted living program, we empower our residents to live how they intend to. Ou residents are given ample independence for them to enjoy living their lives. Our staff and caregivers are around to assist them if they need help about something.

Most people equate our services to supervising every activity that our residents do. Although there are observers and facilitators, our residents do most of the activities by themselves more often than not. Our team is constantly around for support but not to the point that we suffocate them with our service. Our definition of genuine care is considering what our residents feel and think about. This way, we can freely promote their independence as they live life freely and to the fullest.

As for the families of our aged residents, having their loved ones in our facility gives them security that their aging family members are well-taken care of and assisted with. This gives our residents’ families the peace of mind as well as a guarantee that their loved ones are in good hands. We also make sure that our residents have constant communication with their families through our communication amenities (telephones, internet connection) that are also constantly updated and upgraded for a more stable and faster communication line.

We also encourage our residents to interact and socialize with others that will help with their well-being. Assisted living is not only surviving the woes of the world as you age but also living a holistically satisfying life.